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HetoGrow Business - Asset Management
HetoGrow Asset Management
The strategic priority of the HetoGrow Asset Management business is to design, develop and deploy strategies aimed at optimising returns from investments. We aim to achieve this through the professional management of various investment portfolios based on client needs as well as available options within our Buy-Improve-Sell, Buy & Hold and Buy & Sell strategies...
HetoGrow Business - Commodities
HetoGrow Commodities
Our commodities business constantly scans the markets to pick out available opportunities. We provide a variety of investment and advisory services to take advantage of designated opportunities in the commodities markets. Currently, the predominant focus is on Oil & Gas in Nigeria, straddling the upstream, mainstream and downstream sectors, including a wide range of projects in production, infrastructure and logistics support technology.
HetoGrow Business - Research
HetoGrow Research
Research is an integral part of what we do at HetoGrow. Consequently, our strategy is designed to serve two broad purposes. These are:
  • Investment in innovation and the development of new technology.

  • Market issue of customer perception.
HetoGrow Business - Technology
 HetoGrow Technology
As part of our concerted effort to promote renewable energy and technology transfer in Africa, we are interested in the manufacture, promotion and distribution of solar power technology.

Solar power is pure energy from the sun which provides reliable and safe source of energy. It is a source of energy with the most potential to produce inexhaustible power supply...
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