Our Strategy

HetoGrow - Our Strategy

  The process of Value Accretion can be bumpy but ultimately, the focus is on Growth in the desired direction.

HetoGrow remains committed to a strategy of active advisory by co-investing with clients, remain on ground to assess progress, gather new business intelligence and drive trades.

HetoGrow's strategic priorities include:

  • Promote business generation through conferences, exhibitions and seminars.  This is driven through our  yearly “Africa Trade, Capital Investment and Banking Conference & Exhibition” in the heart of London. Further information is available through our  Contact Us page. This event focuses on Africa trade links, investment opportunities, risk management, banking and relations with international development institutions. The purpose is to create a fusion of ideas, facilitate new deals and grow positive and structured capital finance for SME’s, corporations and governments, particularly of the KINGS nations.

  • Promote the establishment of new intercity trade routes across Africa.

  • Human capital development through training, technology transfer and promotion of job placement opportunities for Africans in diaspora.

  • Market research to promote new business intelligence and foreign direct investment capital.

HetoGrow.com Our Strategy
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