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We  aim to keep clients and visitors updated on developments at HetoGrow. Nonetheless, we are unable to guarantee the accuracy or completeness of our news section. Consequently, no liability is accepted for any errors or omissions.  Users are hereby reminded that the process of value accretion can be bumpy. Past business intelligence or performance is not a guide to future business intelligence or performance. For further information on any item on this page please go to our Contact Us page.
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Current projects include the following:
  • The Awka business parks and luxury residential estates projects.
  • Integrated commodities research including clean exploitation of natural resources.

  • The Infrastructure Alpha Capital Growth Fund.
  • Cross continental training and executive development programs.
HetoGrow Asset Management
HetoGrow to enter into agreements with local partners to optimise maintenance of assets across multiple sectors to improve performance.
  • Abuja real estate speedy payback medium term venture. 

  • Lekki real estate development project with a build only short term investment income focus. 

  • Various SPV strategies at different levels of completion: 
    * Africa Capital Growth strategy.
    * Naira Equity Income strategy. 
    * Integrated Resource & Opportunity Fund. 
    * Naira Credit CLO strategy. 
    * Naira Mortgage CDO strategy.  
HetoGrow Technology 
Investing in renewable energy powered by solar technology.
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